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Kiva corporate social responsibility initiatives engage your people on a deeper level

300+ partnerships

for more than $156 million in impact around the world

650,000+ connections

through record-breaking employee engagement

3x the impact

of traditional giving campaigns with streamlined relending

Voted Best Employee Engagement Initiative in 2022

Through a custom-tailored partnership, Kiva and Visa succeeded in deepening employees’ connection to the mission — and to each other as a distributed team.

Kiva and Visa received a 2022 Halo Award for their partnership

“Programs like this that support underserved communities around the world make me proud to work at Visa. It is a big part of the reason why 
I plan to remain here until I retire.”

– Visa Employee

Partners in purpose


Employee engagement programs tailored to your team, mission, and goals

With an initial investment as low as $50k, every Kiva partnership starts with a strong foundation for success:

Easy to use platform that enables a real-world impact in just 5 clicks

Simple, scalable programs that connect remote and local teams

Ready-to-use and custom- built marketing campaigns and impact reports

With both ready-to-launch and customized programs, we’ll amplify your company mission by connecting employees with causes they care about.

Self starter programs

Bronze: 1k+ employees

Quickly launch a purpose-driven program through hassle-free tech and an accessible employee ambassador program.

Curated programs

Silver: 5k+ employees

Reinforce your organization’s CSR strategy with a co-branded employee engagement solution, including program launch support and a webinar series.

Gold: 10k+ employees

Deepen your employee engagement—both online and in-person—with curated speakers, events, marketing campaigns, and ongoing support.

Platinum: 20k+ employees

Maximize employee engagement and strengthen your brand with a fully customized program, including in-depth analytics, media and PR support, and strategic collaboration and planning.

Unlock your organization's impact potential with value-aligned partnerships

Meet our Vice President, Partnerships, Anna Titulaer. Anna and her team are passionate about expanding impact within organizations through meaningful partnerships. With over 16 years of experience at foundations, nonprofits, and corporations, Anna brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about how partnerships can be tailored to each organization's unique needs, while still delivering meaningful, tangible results.

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Connecting Around a Shared Purpose

Drawing from Kiva’s 300+ partnerships, years of research, interviews, and award-winning successes, this report will help you identify ways to infuse your organization’s values and purpose into corporate social responsibility initiatives that create lasting employee engagement.