By expanding her business selling artisan masks and jewelry, Rita is creating jobs for young people in her Ghanaian community.
By expanding her business selling artisan masks and jewelry, Rita is creating jobs for young people in her Ghanaian community.

Changing lives, 
one loan at a time.

Kiva defines impact both in the scale of our global reach and the depth of change in a person’s life. From the billions of dollars in loans we’ve distributed, to the scaled reach of our Lending Partners, to the increased monthly income for a widowed shop owner in Kenya — dive into how Kiva creates positive impact in the world.

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Kiva's 2023 Impact

$131M closer to a financially inclusive world

With every loan this year, you made a real impact in communities around the world that lack access to financial services. Here’s a look at the Kiva community’s impact so far in 2023…

Donations from people like you make this work possible.

At Kiva, every small action brings us one step closer to realizing our mission of expanding financial access for all.

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Progress powered by you, the Kiva community

Kiva borrower, Fadi, Lebanon


displaced people gained the resources to rebuild their lives

Kiva borrower, Mary, Kenya


in loans fueled climate-smart projects for communities around the world

Kiva borrower, Anatolia, Timor-Leste


in loans to women powered equal access and opportunity

Kiva borrower, Scott, U.S.


marginalized U.S. small business owners invested in their success

Pictured in order: Fadi, mechanic, Syrian refugee living in Lebanon; Mary, Maize farmer, Kenya; Anatolia, farmer, timor-leste; Scott, construction business owner, u.s.

Make a donation and add your impact.

At Kiva, 100% of every loan supports the borrower. Donations are vital for us to continue helping people access the resources they need to thrive.

A $50 donation helps cover the cost of facilitating $250 in loans.

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Kiva’s all-time impact

$2 billion

in loans funded

5 million

people reached

2.3 million

loans funded

1 person

reached every 90 seconds

Kiva Map of Africa


People reached: 2 million Loans funded: $517 million

Kiva map of Asia


People reached: 1.2 million Loans funded: $488 million

Kiva map of Central America

Central America

People reached: 326,000 Loans funded: $184 million

Kiva map of Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

People reached: 40,000 Loans funded: $59 million

Kiva map of Middle East

Middle East

People reached: 92,000 Loans funded: $119 million

North America map Kiva

North America

People Reached: 139,000 Loans funded: $202 million

Map of Oceana - Kiva


People Reached: 52,000 Loans funded: $43 million

Map of South America - Kiva

South America

People Reached: 960,000 Loans funded: $393 million

Top 10 loan sectors

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Kiva brings financial access
to traditionally excluded communities.

From racial discrimination and gender biases to armed conflict and climate change, there are many reasons why people are financially excluded. Underserved communities need financial access in order to create sustainable economic opportunity, yet they are denied fair and equitable access to resources. Kiva strives to bridge this gap and open the door to opportunity for every person around the world.

To have the greatest impact, Kiva focuses on four key impact areas where we see the most need for financial equity — and where Kiva can do the most good.

Laura, restaurant owner, Ecuador 🇪🇨
Laura, restaurant owner, Ecuador 🇪🇨
Kiva impact icon women

Creating a more equitable future for women.

With funding from millions of Kiva lenders, we’re helping women build the lives they want, giving them access to resources to break through cultural and economic barriers, to start their own businesses, pay for education, and invest in themselves.

More on Kiva + gender equity

"I felt happy because I was finally able to accomplish my dream, to have a business selling Colombian empanadas. I was able to make this a reality."

— Laura

Kiva icon of a woman named Alix

3.82 million

women reached

Icon with hand holding money - Kiva

$1.5 billion

in loans funded

Icon showing 4 out of 5 - Kiva


Kiva loans go to women

Kiva loans create opportunity for women in myriad industries and sectors.

Chart showing percentage of loans to women in different sectors
Malik, Cafe owner, Palestinian refugee 🇵🇸
Malik, Cafe owner, Palestinian refugee 🇵🇸
Refugee icon Kiva

Helping displaced people rebuild.

For refugees and IDPs that are rebuilding their lives, as well as people at risk of forced migration from their homes, Kiva provides fair access to capital to create economic opportunity and financial stability for themselves and their families.

More on Kiva + refugees and IDPs

“I stood on my own feet again.”

- Malik

As a college student, business owner, and refugee, Malik runs a neighborhood coffee shop and dreams of becoming a journalist after earning his degree. After Covid-19  closed his business and put his studies on hold, Malik was able to reopen his shop and return to finish his education, with help from a Kiva loan.


refugees and displaced people reached

Icon with hand holding money - Kiva

$51.3 million



repayment rate, same as non-refugee borrowers

Kiva loans support displaced people all over the world.

Chart showing loan amounts to refugees in different countries
Danielle, small business owner, Texas 🇺🇸
Danielle, small business owner, Texas 🇺🇸
Kiva impact icon for marginalized communities

Supporting systemically marginalized U.S. entrepreneurs.

We’re expanding financial access for U.S. business owners that have been most excluded historically, including the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, women and non-binary people, Black and African Americans, the LatinX community, Indigenous people, and People of Color.

More on Kiva + U.S. entrepreneurs

“The Kiva loan impacted my business financially, but it impacted me as a person as well. I had a lot of growth, which is priceless.”

- Danielle


women reached

Icon with hand holding money - Kiva

$64 million

loans funded


of Kiva U.S. loans supported BIPOC entrepreneurs

Thach, Teacher, Cambodia 🇰🇭

Building resilience for people affected by climate change.

Because social and financial inequity make the impacts of climate change worse for the millions of people living in poverty conditions, Kiva helps people invest in climate-smart solutions for their families and local communities.

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Thach’s family had always used a solid-fuel stove, but it was making the air inside their home dangerous to breathe. With a Kiva loan, Thach bought a clean cookstove that not only reduces air pollution, it gives her family free solar power for charging their devices.


people reached

$41 million

clean energy loans funded

$20 million

climate-smart agricultural 
loans funded

Icon showing scales - Kiva

Measuring our impact

Our impact is more than just our global reach — more importantly, it’s about real-world outcomes for people. That’s why we work with Lending Partners to set outcomes and targets for impact populations, use monitoring and evaluations to measure progress, learn what works best, and ensure borrowers' lives are changing for the better.

Icon of a heart - Kiva


We first estimate if a partner can have a meaningful impact for their customers. This includes ensuring they serve financially excluded populations, protect clients from over-indebtedness, and offer products that help clients succeed long-term.

Icon of a magnifying glass - Kiva


Partners must complete surveys on a regular basis to monitor their impact and flag opportunities for growth and improvement. We also make onsite and virtual visits to conduct risk and impact audits.

Icon of a verification checkmark - Kiva


Through client-level surveys, we assess how borrowers are being positively impacted by their loan, as well as identify ways our partners’ services can be improved to provide a stronger social impact.

Most importantly, we look at borrowers’ success.

The 60 Decibels Microfinance Index (2022) assessed outcomes for 5,200 lenders from 26 of Kiva’s Lending Partners. After receiving their loan:

Icon of a thumbs up - Kiva


of borrowers surveyed said their quality of life had improved.

Icon of a money jar - Kiva


said their business income had increased.

Icon of balanced scales - Kiva


said they were better able to manage their finances.

High five icon - Kiva

Investing in impactful partnerships

Strategic Partners

Working with vetted partners amplifies the impact we can make in people’s lives. Our corporate and philanthropic partners share our mission, and their contributions, expertise, and reach with global audiences helps us scale our impact even more. There are various ways for organizations to accelerate their organization’s impact with Kiva, such as grants, loan matching, and employee and customer engagement programs.

More about Kiva + partnerships


global partners


employees and customers engaged


donations to Kiva

$167 million

loans disbursed to borrowers

3.6 million

borrowers funded

Paypal logo
Umpqua Bank logo
It Cosmetics logo
Walton Family Foundation logo

Lending Partners

Our Lending Partners are an extensive network of organizations in more than 96 countries on 5 continents. Most Lending Partners are microfinance institutions, but they are also NGOs, social enterprises, and nonprofits. These organizations are responsible for screening borrowers, disbursing loans, collecting repayments, and otherwise administering Kiva loans.


Lending Partners


Social Enterprise Partners


Kiva U.S. Hubs

Kiva CEO Vishal Ghotge met with the team at a branch office during his visit to Lending Partner FINCA Jordan.
Kiva CEO Vishal Ghotge met with the team at a branch office during his visit to Lending Partner FINCA Jordan.

Kiva helps Lending Partners improve their services to better support their communities.

Just as important as reaching more borrowers is ensuring that the organizations we work with can truly benefit clients’ lives. We put our years of industry experience to work, building up our Lending Partners so they can build up communities, with outcomes like:

  • Increased organizational stability and customer satisfaction

  • Strengthened gender-forward and climate-smart practices

  • Scaling of evidence-based products and services

Working with trusted Lending Partners leads to tangible benefits for borrowers.

One Acre Fund logo

Borrowers who received a loan from One Acre Fund reported an average 40% increase in their farming income.

iDE logo

Almost half of borrowers with clean water and sanitation loans from iDE reported a significant reduction in stomach illnesses.

Teofila, a small business owner in the Philippines, worked with NWTF for a Kiva loan of $275 to buy spare parts and materials for her Transportation business.

Impact that matters: Positive outcomes for borrowers

The simplest way to know Kiva’s impact is to ask the people benefitting from Kiva loans. Our largest Lending Partner NWTF is a non-government organization committed to providing sustainable financial and developmental services to women in low-income communities of Central Philippines. As part of our ongoing monitoring and validation, 60 Decibels, an independent social impact measurement company, conducted interviews with NWTF’s clients to assess impact.



of borrowers surveyed said they had no access to financing prior to their Kiva loan.

Business impact


saw increases in business income.

Household impact


said their quality of life improved.

Client protection


said repayments were not a burden.



had increased savings.



had increased business confidence.

“We were able to buy more livestock and now we can sell more — it adds to our income. And some of the money we used to pay my child’s school fees, so it lessens our worries.”

— NWTF borrower

Fernando, Coffee farmer, Costa Rica 🇨🇷
Fernando, Coffee farmer, Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Your support is helping us build a more financially inclusive future.

Thanks to this incredible community of lenders and partners, Kiva has been able to make a huge difference already — but there’s more work to be done. Your support helps us continue creating lasting change for a world where every single person has the financial access they need to thrive. 

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Frequently asked questions about Kiva's impact

Kiva borrowers have gone on to help HIV-impacted women, open a coffee shop, begin a homemade juice and soda business, graduate from university, and so much more. Every loan made on Kiva helps someone get one step closer to their dreams.

Kiva sets impact goals, vets the impact potential of Lending Partners, monitors outputs, and evaluates the outcomes for some borrowers.

Kiva also conducts impact studies and evaluations. While we can't do this last step for all partners and borrowers, the studies we do perform provide us with essential data used to validate and improve our impact model.

Every Kiva loan creates a ripple effect of positive social change. From a farmer feeding their neighbors to a refugee’s business creating jobs in a host community, Kiva loans have the potential to create sustainable, long-term change around the world. These are loans that change lives and increase financial resilience across generations.

You can have an immediate impact in someone’s life by lending to a borrower, help us reach more communities by donating to Kiva, become a remote volunteer, or explore partnership options for your organization.