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Kiva partners with organizations and individuals to make an even greater impact on communities around the world, one loan at a time. Join Kiva to create a financially inclusive world, where all people hold the power to improve their lives.

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Why partner with Kiva?

Because we can do more together than we could alone

Organizations, philanthropic partners, and individuals all come to Kiva to build connections around a shared purpose: to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. Together, we are able to positively impact more countries, more communities, and more individuals than we ever could alone, and that's the power of partnerships in action.

If you are with an organization looking to launch a programatic partnership with Kiva, you'll find more information about our customized options below. If you are interested in providing philanthropic support to Kiva, please Visit our Giving Hub to connect with our team and learn more about all the tax-deductible philanthropic channels that Kiva supports, including donor-advised funds, securities, and stock donations.

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Customized partnerships for shared value

From brand amplification and tailored employee engagement programs, to donation and grant stewardship, the partnership opportunities with Kiva are endless because they are unique to to each organization. Whether you represent a corporate, foundation, or organizational partner, Kiva's team of CSR and partnership experts work to build and define a custom approach that aligns with each partner's specific needs and goals.

How we achieve impact together

Regardless of the unique aspects of each partnership, impact is always at the center. Our global footprint across 75 countries and our focus on critical impact areas aligned with some of our world's most pressing challenges means partners not only meet their internal goals, but create lasting and sustainable change in the lives of Kiva borrowers.

Kiva partners align their philanthropic dollars with impact areas that reinforce their values and create meaningful change

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Underbanked women

Since our founding in 2005, over 80% of Kiva’s loans have gone to women. Our model drives impactful, long-standing progress toward gender equity, proven by our data and research findings.

Refugees and displaced people

Removing barriers to finance is key for refugees and displaced people to restore their economic independence. That’s why Kiva loans can be a lifeline for many refugees and IDPs working to start a business, further their education, and create a stable future.

Communities impacted by climate change

Social and financial inequity make the impacts of climate change worse for millions of farmers and people living in poverty conditions, highlighting the need for investment in climate-smart solutions for unbanked populations.

Systemically marginalized communities in the U.S.

In the U.S. financial access for small businesses is not equal. Supporting marginalized business owners in the U.S. who continue to face systemic obstacles throughout their entrepreneurial journeys is critical to healthy and vibrant local communities.

Here are a few of the organizations partnering with Kiva


Learn more about Kiva's innovative partnerships

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85% engagement rate across global employees

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Charity ratings

Kiva's staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every dollar donated to Kiva is used efficiently, and we’ve received recognition for our commitment.

"Incredible organisation, so unique in the way they support people with loans that then go back into the system to help more people! I love the updates they send and getting to decide where my funds go every month." -Sarah, GuideStar review

"I've been involved with Kiva for several years, and my experience has been nothing short of transformative. Kiva stands out as a remarkable platform that bridges the gap between lenders and borrowers, making it possible for underserved entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe to access the capital they need to grow their businesses and improve their lives." -Ravidor, Great Nonprofits reviewer

Join us in opening financial access for all

Unlock your organization's impact potential with value-aligned partnerships fueling financial inclusion through Kiva. From brand amplification and tailored employee engagement programs, to donation and grant stewardship, the partnership opportunities with Kiva are endless because they are unique to each organization. Get in touch with our team today.